How much does your TV cost? Not to own it but to watch it? Ahhh there it is. Think for a second what the true value of your TV is?

The best way I can explain it as a Health Coach is through nutrition. In our optimal health universe we don’t eat food. We have fun with food and acknowledge that food doesn’t get us to our destination. When it comes to supporting our goals to improve our health, vitality, happiness and longevity we FUEL.

If my kids look at a piece of pizza on the table next to a piece of protein and veggies they delineate the difference. Pizza = Food = Fun and doesn’t move the ship forward. The other = Fuel = Health

Let’s be clear we like to have fun and we do eat an occasional pizza slice and we do watch TV occasionally. But... is your TV and that Pizza costing you your dreamlike?

Remember. Anybody CAN succeed in life beyond their wildest dreams but WILL they?

The average American watches 7 hours of TV a day. Now let’s look at that. The average American spends 80% plus of their entire life working. Add sleep and TV? Now you can see how much you paid for that TV right?

Did u just suggest you turn off your tv? No. I have a hard enough time telling myself what to do and have no interest in being that guy. However did I just wake your mind up to one thing you might do DIFFERENTLY in 2019 that can equate to a massive RAISE in health, happiness and wealth? Ummm yes!

Are you looking for something different in your life? Your health. Your happiness? Increase your Financial status and work from home? It’s our passion to bring folks and families home where they can be free and live life around what matters most.

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With Love from Dragon