How does this sound? Let’s be common together?

You’ve HERD of the category many humans fall into called the Common Man or Common Woman?

For the sake of equality today let’s just say Common Human?

Let’s look at that word COMMON and attempt to make a connection to how being common affects your desire to reach your dreams. So in this space, I encourage you to recall your HOPES AND DREAMS for the New Year. What you want and why…


Here is how it works:

  • Your right fist is your WHAT.

  • Your left is your WHY.

Can the Common Human reach their dreams and achieve their “What?” ABSOLUTELY!

But can they make it there by just being Common? Meh... Probably not.

I say probably not because their “common” might be common to them but UNCOMMMON to the rest of us. Remember that if you take the uncommon path and step outside your comfort zone - that zone where growth lives, for long enough, that uncommon place becomes a habitual thing, your NEW NORMAL and common. So I say most likely, in the grand scheme of humans in this world, for most of them COMMON means the HERD. Just like everyone else. Dig?

Growth happens outside the comfort zone and when the common human becomes UNCOMMON and strays from the HERD. Growth happens when you STOP BEING AFRAID OF THE UNFAMILIAR. The unfamiliar is the place we must all go to find success. Sometimes I like to define success and things like HEALTH and WEALTH as places we have never been as they live in a space that we must go to most commonly for the first time. The amount of time you spend here in “UNFAMILIARVILLE” is called consistency - and about showing up in this unfamiliar place day in and day out, is called discipline!

As you move closer to the New Year, perhaps assess how you did things this past year and maybe even the year prior. Did you get where you wanted to be this year or no? If no, let’s consider not doing what we did again. Let’s dare to be different and uncommon!

What are you gonna do to walk towards your goals today? Are you gonna fuel right? Drink more water? Exercise? Perhaps engage in learning and positive growth-conscious things more?

Let’s RISE UP and make this day ours!

Love Dragon