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Take a moment today and evaluate your thoughts. Don’t worry about what you will find, good or bad. This is the first step in practicing being conscious and no matter what you find, you unveil the potential in your new conscious state to shift!

What have you organized your thoughts towards? Are your thoughts organized towards your goals, dreams and desired state? Or are your thoughts disorganized and susceptible to being changed by outside forces? Are your thoughts of what you want, coupled with counterbalanced thoughts?

Have a look at the inner conversation  in your mind today and access whether your thoughts are focused on what you want or if they are focused on why you can’t have what you want?

See, you don’t need to know how you’ll get what you want, you need only get focused on the value of having it to the degree that you are willing to make everything about your day be in support of that which you want. Like the child that has his eyes on a dog or bike for his birthday or Christmas? You’ll notice that everything about their lives or day is focused on this thing they want. Tell them they can’t have it and they won’t quit. They may cry, but not give up. I like to refer to this process as “Putting Up Your Dukes”. One fist is what you want, the other is your WHY. With those two up in both an attack and fending off manor? Nothing can stop you because like the child, you’ve made up your mind.

Are you focused on the things you want like this? Are you almost OBSESSED with your goals to the point where you won’t accept anything but them and the reality they bring to your life? Have you written them down? Have you made sure that they are in plain view of you every day? Look through your child’s stuff and at the things they doodle on paper andsee how they manifest their goals. Are you visualizing having them? Drawn pictures of the scenario?

CAN YOU IMAGINE what your life would and will be like when you make everything about you about your goals? Well stop imagining and realize that you control your thoughts the moment you put up your dukes and keep the Main thing the Main thing.

Love 🐉