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Have you ever had a great day? Like one of those days where everything just seems to be going your way and you simply can’t fail even if you tried? Effortless success. The kind of success you chalk up to luck or maybe even thinking that God must really love you?

This is known as being in the FLOW STATE and it actually has very little to do with timing. In reality, it is something controlled by you and in another discussion we we’ll talk about how you can start to hack flow.

But today I want to direct your attention to the FLOW BURGLARS! You know those negative people or things that seem to come at us while we are in the ecstatic flow state?

The ones who want to constantly stomp out your fire? We call these the flow burglars. And guess what? They are there for a reason. Their purpose is simply to challenge your conviction towards your goals and mission. They have been put here to try and throw you off so they can see how bad you want that dream life full of joy, happiness, health, hope, and freedom that you envision for yourself. But beware... they are extremely good at stealing your flow.

Like a burglar that strategically goes after the right house, these flow burglars will go after specific people and specific scenarios. They like to go after those who are showing signs of flying high. Those who are in the “Flow State.”

When in the Flow State you become the target “home” for a burglary.

But, remember, they have no impact on your flow outside of the impact you allow them to have. So send them packing! You need only show them commitment, discipline, and consistency in your life. These principles are the equivalent of the home that has a state of the art security system that informs the burglar that it is impossible to enter.

So... Do you know what you want and why to the extent where you won’t be knocked down no matter what?

Are you in full-out action? Then you are experiencing FLOW often. Is your security system strong enough? Your conviction, commitment, and discipline?

This day right here… it’s yours.

Love 🐉